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Fetish Dressed Munches

What is a Fetish dressed Munch?

A munch is a gathering for like minded people to meet in a safe unthreatening environment. It's a great place to make connections, learn about the community and to vet potential play partners. Every now and then it's fun to get dressed up in our fetish wear with no expectations placed upon us. These munches abide by the same rules as the vanilla ones held at pubs and restaurants.  


What do I wear?

This is not a strict dress code. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Be it latex, or jeans. It's just an opportunity to express yourself and your BDSM dynamic or roles.  That being said there is 1 rule (enforced by the government, not us) : no nudity. This unfortunately means by definition that those with physical female body parts must cover up their nipples. Again not our rule but a law. 


Can I play there?

Depending on the theme of the munch you attend, you do have the chance to play. Please read the event details carefully to confirm if you can. However, play is strictly BDSM only. No sexual acts are allowed to take place. This venue does not hold a sex on premises license. No blood play either unfortunately.  


What do I need to bring?

Depending if you are wanting to play or get dressed up in fetish wear. Please bring your own play instruments, there will be viro clean provided. If you are wearing fetish wear please bring something to wear over top, the smoking area is outside of the premises and sometimes we will be sharing the bathroom with other events. 


Do I have to purchase a ticket?

These munches are special events and require a minimum number to run, so it is essential that you buy your ticket as soon as possible.

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