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 MCOK Boundaries

Are the Rules, Terms and Condition's of My Church of Kink Events?

How should I conduct my behaviour?

 Is there a code of conduct?



How to conduct yourself at MCOK events 

BDSM spanking
A direct hit with the flogger

Terms and conditions

My Church of Kink (MCOK) events are held at a selected few venues, these events range from Workshops, Kinky Trivia to a Fetish Ball. These are 18+ events, customers must be 18 years of age or older to view or purchase products from our site.

Dungeon Monitors will be among you to ensure you all have a pleasurable evening, and will be wearing Church of Kink vests and/or  lanyards so you can identify us if you wish to speak to any of us.

You may witness BDSM and/or Kink demonstrations and/or scenes, and practical/lab play happening at the event.  You do not have to participate in play.  The event may contain nudity or triggering topics, please read the event general description, you are responsible for assessing if the event is suitable for you before purchasing a ticket. We believe in personal responsibility.  If at anytime during the night another participant makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway, you can at anytime ask the bar staff (if there is a bar at the event) for a ANGEL SHOT. This is a safe word  that will alert the staff to contact a Dungeon Monitor, who will take you discretely aside, making sure you are safe.

Conditions of Entry

Misrepresenting yourself to purchase a ticket will result in denied entry with no refund & banning. This means purchasing a ticket under a different name, or having a friend buy a ticket for you, knowing you are a person that would be declined entry.

Name on your ID MUST be the same as on your ticket.

Each different event will state its dress codes. It may vary between a fetish dress code to casual wear. You can change into your outfit upon arrival. If you do not have appropriate attire you will be denied entry with no refund.

No one intoxicated or affected by drugs will be allowed in. If you arrive in this condition then you will be denied entry and no refund given. 

Treatment of others and self-care

Confirm consent before touching any person, their tools, clothes, toys etc

Navigate all scenes and potential risks before engaging in Lab play.

Treat everyone with equal respect, Patrons and Staff alike.

Do not assume that the presence of some at this event implicates them as available to you, or anyone else.

Do not automatically assume if you have engaged with a person previously that consent is implicit.

Do not involve yourself in a scene without an invitation (this includes goading from the side-lines). Except to confirm consent. 

It is OK to say No, to walk away.

Ensure yourself and your Lab play partner/s are aware of your own hard limits, your emotive motivations and physiological limits/issues.

Previous to Lab play please agree on safe words for scenes.

Safe words for the venue are Green, Orange and Red.

Participate sober.

Respect the Lab play space

Do not crowd the Lab play space or block access and exits for patrons.

Consider the space and equipment needed for the scene you are about to participate in.

Before engaging in Lab play understand the restrictions of the space, and equipment used.

Limit conversation and do not be unnecessarily loud in Lab areas.

Clean up with Viraclean.

Use a drop sheet when using wax.

No Nudity or sexual play

Do not use non play events as “pick up” events, but a great time to gain friendships and knowledge.

Sexual Harassment and Conduct

MCOK will not tolerate any sort of harassment, sexual and non sexual. No one is obligated to, or are you entitled to, play with you, even though you have had previous contact of any kind. No is a complete sentence.  Anyone reported to not accept the word no, will be refused entry to any MCOK events.  

If you are being harassed in any way please report it to a Dungeon Monitor, and/or the door staff, bar staff.  No matter how small it may seem to you.  

Social media platforms, photography and other recording devices. 

MCOK will be taking professional photos at all events, you will be blurred out unless you have notified consent for your image to be used. By purchasing a ticket to a MCOK event is consenting for this to happen.  

You are allowed to take photos yourself, and of your  partner, and must gain, at least verbal consent from anyone who may be in the background. 

Please use #MCOK, #mychurchofkink, #mychurchofkinknewcastle

Dungeon Monitors

A Dungeon Monitors word is final and must be adhered to. We will be fair and reasonable with any requests regarding temperature, music etc.

Please inform Dungeon Monitors if you have any concerns regarding a Patrons behaviour. They may require you to fill out an incident/hazard report form. 

If you are unsure about House Rules, our Code of Conduct or the risks involved in certain kinds of Play please ask a Dungeon Monitor for advice, we are here to help you.

General Venue

You are responsible for what you store or leave in public and change areas. Be aware of your property’s whereabouts and any risk associated.

Privacy and discretion are valued. All information about attendees’ names and activities are to be considered confidential.

No smoking, or vaping  inside the venue.

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